Relief oak pollen allergy

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Allergies to pollens from oak often produce symptoms of cough, chest congestion, sneezing, wheezing, itchy eyes, stuffy nose, sore throat and headache. Each year, beginning in March and lasting like Texas in May, the center is covered with sticky yellow pollen of evergreen oaks, and hundreds of people suffering from respiratory allergic symptoms as a result. However, there are basic strategies you can implement for allergy to oak pollen season in a much happier timeyear.

Oak pollen Allergy Relief Step 1: evasion.

When possible, avoid outdoor activities extended. The pollen is carried by the wind all the trees, and that includes people with allergies. If the outside is unavoidable, wear a dust mask. This is particularly important if you complete the landscaping, gardening or maintenance work on moving the rubble.

With warmer temperatures in spring may be temptingleave the windows open. But this will enable the oak pollen to fly home and accumulate. It quickly becomes evident by the accumulation of oak pollen in their windows. Keep windows closed as much as possible, especially in the bedroom. To help reduce the accumulation of pollen on the inside, changing filters regularly HVAC. It may also be useful to buy an air purifier free standing and running while you sleep.

Oak pollen Allergy Relief Step 2:contact surfaces clean.

Some exposure to oak pollen is unavoidable. When you come inside, take the time to rinse the eyes, face and hand washing. In addition, nasal washes several times a day. This can be done either with a simple saline nasal, available in most pharmacies or, alternatively, that his own salt sea salt, water, and use a neti pot form application, available in health food stores natural. Removal of most pollen in the noseParts can provide significant relief from allergies.

Oak pollen Allergy Relief Step 3: Fighting for the sustainable elimination of allergy.

Treatment options The most common drug allergies are the decongestants, antihistamines and corticosteroids. All make significant side effects. In addition, if they can provide immediate relief of symptoms, often do not provide long-term allergydisposal solution.

Of course, should not PHARMACUTICAL treatments for respiratory allergies are available. One such treatment is a therapy herbal medicine based on traditional Chinese herbal. In addition to relieving the symptoms immediately, a good formula to help prevent secondary infection, and with continued use, offer for the elimination of allergies. Unlike other therapies herbal therapies herbal, traditional Chinese herbs contain more than working with others.Therefore, they often offer more relief for individual plants.

Whatever herbs are used to provide relief for allergy to oak pollen, it is important to include herbs that provide relief of symptoms, immune modulation and prevention of secondary infections. The immuno-modulation, which contribute to the sustainable elimination of allergy, the root of the astragalus is extremely beneficial. All remedies herbal should come from reliable sources, made by companies that employ strictGuidelines manufacturing.

It is important to remember that if you have asthma symptoms, characterized by wheezing and difficulty getting enough air, emergency treatment may be necessary. If it causes severe chest tightness wheezing, dizziness or faintness, please call 911. Most deaths related to asthma in the United States are preventable. By reducing exposure to pollen of oak, both outside and inside, in combination with carefully constructedTherapy Herbal, the spring can be happier, healthier time for people with allergies.

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